Our photo recognition technology manages the most challenging retail and merchandising projects.

Our photo recognition technology

No matter the level of complexity involved, our proprietary photo recognition technology can manage the most challenging retail and merchandising projects. Thanks to a centralized, model-oriented, API-accessible data management system and state-of-the-art algorithms, we are able to meet and exceed our clients’ most grueling expectations.

Our private and secure cloud architecture leverages Amazon Web Services, granting us access to unlimited calculation power and an easily scalable platform to match our clients’ ambition.


Our photo recognition technology offers

  • Rapid detection and efficient matching of similarities between images
  • In less than 300ms, detection of similar images in a database of 500,000 images
  • Use of image signature matching and machine learning algorithms to allow for product recognition according to color, shape, product adjacencies and dimensions, as well as embedded learning mechanisms for increased recognition efficiencies
  • Use of 2 algorithms – one to retrieve similar images and another to make the correct decision – which increases accuracy on particularly difficult images
  • Compatibility with images and videos

Challenging the most demanding recognition conditions

As our technology is honed to manage the particularities of and daily challenges faced by our FMCG clients and partners, we are able to successfully handle the most demanding recognition conditions, including:

Detection of a small image
in a large one

photo recognition

Reading text in a photo (OCR technology)

photo recognition

Creation of a panoramic view from photos

photo recognition