Fast and efficient store checks with our field execution solution

With our experience in the image recognition sector and through our field execution solution, we understand the challenges faced by sales representatives every day when doing store checks.

  • Auditing shelves takes time
  • Lost time could be spent in other added-value activities, such as negotiating with store managers
  • Sub-optimal accuracy and reliability of data captured manually
  • Difficulty to obtain comprehensive knowledge of all compliance standards for reps and unsuitable corrective actions as a consequence


Planorama’s field execution solution

Planorama created and developed PlanoCheck to solve these problems. An image-recognition based solution (98%+ accuracy rate) which helps sales reps to digitally capture the shelves and get actionable intelligence within minutes.

The field execution solution advantage: Boosting in-store measurement

  • Time re-allocation: Focus your field sales force on added value activities
  • Spot-on actions: Get corrective actions to fix compliance while in store
  • Measure activities: Obtain advanced operational reports to spot trends and measure ROI of your sales activities