Planorama provides reporting solutions with accurate sales data

One of the main concerns of management is obtaining precise and real-time data on Sales activities in order to plan and adapt strategies accordingly. This is especially true in highly competitive industries, such as retail.

Planorama offers reporting solutions thanks to customized reports and dashboards, which allows them to track Sales KPIs in an extremely flexible way. You can go as far as analyzing one precise store visit on a particular day and time, as well as making the entirety of calls over a given period in a broader geographic area.


Planorama’s reporting capabilities allow executives to grasp trends in the market and define action plans, to increase efficiencies and boost sales. Dashboards are available 24/7 on an online platform with a secure access.

The Planorama reporting solution advantage: A 360° sales vision

  • Aggregated dashboards: Receive advanced operational reports to spot trends based on individual store visits
  • ROI measurement: Capture information from granular to national and international levels, and calculate your sales ROI in a more concise way
  • Consistency: Obtain objective and identical measurement methods across the board