Merchandising made easy with our suite of category manager solutions

Today category managers face many challenges,
related to their tasks:

  • Negotiated planograms continuously need to be compared with reality
  • Time has to be spent on key priorities, leaving tedious manual tasks aside
  • Quality conversations are to be kept with retailers with reliable data

related to merchandising tools, as:

  • They can be overwhelming and with a complex user interface
  • They are lengthy to master and manipulate
  • They are not always compatible between themselves, making the treatment of planograms even more complicated

Given these factors, Planorama has developed two category manager solutions to specifically suit category manager’s needs to help them in their daily activities.

category manager solution

  • Speed and ease: category manager solutions are highly intuitive, making a category manager’s duties easier and faster. This allows them to focus on added value activities.
  • Reliability: We help create planograms that accurately reflect store reality, and our IT support is available in several languages.
  • Improved conversations with retailers: We deliver objective, timely and accurate input to ease conversations. We are also fully flexible in formats and parameters to suit all of our clients’ purposes.