Reduce store visit time from hours to minutes and receive your KPIs in real time through our in-store solution

Planorama’s in-store solution PlanoCheck enables FMCG companies to run, understand and manage field performance in a much more efficient manner than current manual store check methods.

This in-store solution allows you to gather numerous in-store statistics related to field monitoring, improving decision-making for both the field representatives and management.

Planorama provides a complete vision of what happens in store within 5 minutes via actionable KPIs and reports. This allows more time to be allocated to value-added activities.

in-store solution
Real-time actionable data through PlanoCheck's in-store solution

PlanoCheck provides you with objective, highly accurate results – based upon Planorama’s cutting-edge image recognition technology.

Our technology allows you to receive a broad range of KPIs on the spot, all available on your mobile devices and on our advanced online reporting platform:

in-store solution
  • Number of SKUs and facings
  • Share of shelf (per category, manufacturer, brand, etc.)
  • Share of assortment (per category, segment, brand, etc.)
  • List of SKUs present in store
  • Numerical Distribution of SKUs
  • Cross statistics (Visibility index, Quality index, etc.)
  • Price checks
  • Promotional checks
  • Display identification
  • And many others
Quickly measure in-store compliance through PlanoCheck's in-store solution

PlanoCheck allows our clients to see compliance gaps in the in-store assortment. Its scorecard tracks the impact of corrective actions over time. More specifically, reps and managers are able to track:

  • On shelf availability compliance
  • Discrepancies in Share of Shelf
  • Planogram compliance
  • Out of stocks
PlanoMobile – Seamlessly capture and upload photos

PlanoMobile is the application behind the solution, available for iOS, Android and Windows. The app is connected and automatically synchronized with our secure cloud architecture. With PlanoMobile you are able to:

  • Take store pictures
  • Fill in surveys on the field (an offline mode is also available)
  • Manage survey content directly on our online platform
  • View results, reporting and planograms directly on your tablet/smartphone
  • Synchronize all information (call list, pictures, store check history) automatically
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, or Windows phones and tablets
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