Drive sales force efficiencies and boost sales through our merchandising software.

Current manual store check methodologies not only require significant time, but the results are not always accurate or reliable due to:

  • Subjective interpretation of directives
  • Inconsistent execution at field level
  • Human error in gathering and/or reporting
  • A reluctance for reps to “self-report” shelf discrepancies
  • Information overload in a difficult environment

Planorama proposes a more efficient image recognition solution and merchandising software in performing store checks, with 4 simple steps:

merchandising software 1
Shelf pictures taken by the sales rep
Via tablet, smartphone or digital camera.
merchandising software 2
Pictures uploaded to our servers
Via WiFi, 4G, FTP or other means depending on your circumstances.
merchandising software 3
Pictures analyzed
Planorama’s merchandising software is the fastest and most accurate.
merchandising software 4
Mobile and web reports generated
Results available through customized reports or direct integration into your CRM solution.

Get reliable shelf KPIS in 4 simple steps through merchandising software

Our offerings and merchandising software include three primary solutions:

Following are compelling benefits for integrating our services into your current business model:

  • Efficiency: from 25% to 83% increases in time savings for field survey collection
  • Accuracy: reported data integrity improvement of 6% to 33%
  • Speed: results start arriving within 5 minutes with PlanoLive
  • Productivity: existing reps site increased efficiencies while fewer reps may be required for current coverage
  • Compatibility: smart phones tablets or digital cameras,
  • Accessibility: pictures and reports available online 24/7/365
  • Flexibility: customizable reports and options