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The case of soft drinks

Reducing time and improving reliability of store checks

Our client was auditing the field through store checks performed manually by the sales representatives. However, the results yielded by these store checks were not sufficiently reliable and the time spent per sales representative was too significant.

  • 300 sales representatives scheduled to perform 27,300 store visits per month
  • Store checks performed on laptops – entailing significant time and execution difficulties
  • Insufficient time spent on discussions and negotiations with store management
  • Inaccurate store reports due to manual input mistakes – Headquarters forced to add duplicate store check audits

As a result, a project was launched which today sees more than 30,000 stores analyzed using Planorama’s image recognition technology. The sales representatives are simply equipped with a smartphone in order to take photos via the mobile application. These photos are subsequently analyzed by Planorama and the results are sent directly to the client’s designated information database.

  • 100,000+ pictures analyzed each month in the UK
  • Data automatically integrated in client’s CRM servers
  • 10+ customized provided KPIs, from product presence and number of facings to share of shelf and competitors’ information
  • Reliability of data, with accuracy rate exceeding 99%
  • Gain in time experienced by the sales representatives estimated to value more than GBP 2,4 million per year (approximately €3 million per year)

This project having been a success at the local level, a roll-out was carried out at the European level.

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