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The case of deli

Solving a field monitoring problem in the deli category

Confronted with a field monitoring problem in the deli category, a project was put in place for our client (a French manufacturer). Following completion of the photo taking process by the sales representative and the subsequent upload of these photos to Planorama’s online platform, personalized planograms and statistics by store have been put at the disposal of the client’s teams.

This project permitted numerous improvements:

  • Each sales representative saved significant amounts of time (about 3-4 hours per store) and was able to present rapid recommendations and negotiate more easily with the store category manager.
  • The share of shelf of this manufacturer rose 1.5 points thanks to the use of Planorama’s services.
  • In the stores where the tool was used to implement an optimized planogram, the client observed an increase of 10% to 30% in their product sales, and a 5% to 17% sales uplift for the whole category.

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